Christmas 2016 Sampler - Format Agnostic Playlist (MQA Hi​-​Res and CD Quality Master)

by David Elias ~ Independent Acoustic ~ MQA Pioneer

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To All Music Lovers!

Wishing the Happiest of Holidays this 2016 Season. The songs
in this collection represent a huge variety of source recordings
ranging from a $99 tiny Sony stereo mic into a 1-bit DAT
recorder (48kHz) to a sound board in The Great American
Music Hall in San Francisco (again to DAT), to 2 mics catching
a stereo image in a studio during rehearsal recorded to a PCM
mastering machine at 24/96, to a different 2 mics recording
straight to 16/48 in a Hi8 tape Tascam recorder, to multitrack
live studio recordings captured to 8 tracks as DSD on a Sonoma
workstation. The last track was recorded on my iPhone using
the stock Voice Memo app very lossy (compressed) recorder.

The point here is that all of these formats from the gamut of
choices for recording were carefully mastered for everything
from CD to hi-res SACD masters, but ulitmately converted to
equivalent PCM bit rates and encoded as MQA.

The result is a consistently easy to listen to stream of songs. Easy
on the ears. Not edgy. Not unnatural. Not compressed. These
are bit perfect masters at nearly all ranges between 16/44.1 and
24/352.8. Thanks for listening to this apolitical collection.

Mele Kalikimaka! -


released December 16, 2016

All Songs By David Elias with respective writer copyrights
Produced and Arranged by David Elias, ©2016 All Rights Reserved
CDs/SACDs available at

David Elias: acoustic, vocal, harmonica
Gary MacArthur: flute, tenor sax
Lisa Kelly: mandolin, backup vocal
Matt Flinner: mandolin
Scotty Beynon: electric bass
Chris Kee: upright bass
Eric Thorin: upright bass
Roger Powell, electric guitar, keyboards
Eric Moon: keyboards
Reid Dennis: percussion
Perry Thorwaldson: drums
Marc Dalio: drums
Ken Owen: drums
John Havard: electric guitar
Charlie Natzke: guitars
Sally Van Meter: dobro



all rights reserved


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David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

He has self-produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA!

HD Videos since

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Track Name: From: Time Forgets - Christmas Blue (MQA 16/44.1)
Christmas Blue - by David Elias

Christmas blue
One two one two
Try to do what you can
Christmas blue
How do how do
Late curfew, aw please the man
Father Nick and old man Wong
Bang the table, gong the gong
Clean the chimney, dust to dust
Ashes turn into bread crusts
Gondolas north of the pole
Ride them round the Holy Grail

Sweep the season out of mind
Find the time to find the line
Amnesty for all that will
Grant a sanction, grist the mill
Sing a song so long ago
You can't recall the way it goes
Track Name: From: Illegal Copy #2 - The Road To Bethlehem (MQA 16/48)
The Road To Bethlehem - by David Elias

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem

I saw a sign on the way
Looked like a fire in my eye
But the truth lay in vain
On some hill I couldn't climb

I saw an angel from afar
Measuring those stars
But she could not tell the difference
Between wounds and battle scars

With no words to wish me well
I saw a crater fall to Earth
And the hole open to Hell
Marked the image of my birth

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem

Know I'm thankful for my time
And the road I've grown to know
My true passing I won't mind
Nor will you how well I know

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem
Track Name: From: CasualTees Live in San G. - Save The Church (MQA 24/96)
Save The Church - by David Elias

save the church
it's sinking fast
holy ruins
holy past
sacred grounds
they cannot last
save the church
it's sinking fast

save the ground
i pray to thee
the holy stone
the holy tree
as birds pass o'er
the fervent seas
save the ground
i pray to thee

save our hearts
one by one
unlock them from
the time we've done
release them lord
and set them free
as me to you
and you to me
Track Name: From: Slipper DSD Sessions - Miracles Take Time (MQA 24/352.8)
Miracles Take Time – vy David Elias
For Paul Pena

on and on now
don't be late
silver wings
on silver plates
autumn lingers
can't escape
miracles take time

sing me now
your hands must rest
your body lingers
'gainst the fences
of its own strength
time has tested
miracles take time

tell me now
remind me soon
how silk roads wind
under the moon
carry a windless
silver tune
miracles take time

lightly now
and none to bear
yet songs to sing
and words to hear
silent tears
your heart has shared
miracles take time
Track Name: From: Crossing - Heaven's Destiny (MQA 24/352.8)
Heaven's Destiny - by David Elias

The moon was golden just like the sun
Clouds were furrowed just like your brow
These days of old have just begun
To catch up back where we are now

And those dreams of gold don’t grow on trees
They seek the bottom of the sea
When you are old and look like me
You’ll follow heaven’s destiny

Dreams of old have just begun
Shining through the dust and sun
When you are old and you look like me
Remember heaven’s destiny

That ring of fire may burn some wings
Sure as the crow and sparrow sings
Well they’ll float on down to easy street
And call it heaven’s destiny
Track Name: From: Independent Acoustic Roots - A Song For (Townes Van Zandt, MQA 16/44.1)
A Song For - by Townes Van Zandt

Ribbons of love, please keep me true sane
Until I reach home on the morrow
Never, never to wander again
I'm weak and I'm weary of sorrow
London to Dublin, Australia to Perth
I gazed at your sky, I tasted your earth
Sung out my heart for what it was worth
Never again shall I ramble

There's nowhere left in this world where to go
My arms, my legs they're a-trembling
Thoughts both clouded and blue as the sky
Not even worth the remembering
Now as I stumble and reel to my bed
All that I've done, all that I've said
Means nothing to me, I'd soon as be dead
All of this world be forgotten

No words of comfort, no words of advice
Nothing to offer a stranger
Gone the love, gone the spite
It just doesn't matter no longer
My sky's getting far, the ground's getting close
My self going crazy, the way that it does
I'll lie on my pillow and sleep if I must
Too late to wish I'd been stronger
Too late to wish I'd been stronger
Track Name: From: Rare To Go - Aspen Rose (CasualTees rehearsal, MQA 16/44.1)
Aspen Rose - David Elias

Aspen Rose your toes remind me of a summer lost; beauty in the wilderness, unspoiled and untamed. Aspen rose your ruby nose reminds me of another frost, straight down from the north comes forth, we’re boiling tea again.

Aspen Rose your blonde hair glows as sunrise, easing up the
mountains and wandering through the pines. Aspen rose your youth shows silent as the twilight, straight in through the window calming down my inner mind.

Aspen Rose recall those nights when we were strangers, unknowing to the dangers that surrounded us like thieves. Aspen Rose nobody knows how things could not change. We flowed like a river right beneath October trees.

Aspen Rose I’ll go, I’m sorry that I’m weary, afraid that I have come too far in far too short a time. Aspen Rose your heart’s the slowest burning fire I’ll ever know, it’s time to go, I love you then goodbye.
Track Name: From: Rare To Go - Hi (Live SF Great American Music Hall, MQA 16/44.1)
Hi - by David Elias

Tell me the reason I feel this way. Is it something I said, or just
what I might say? Am I closing an old book or writing a new? Is it one long hello or just one short adieu?


Blueberry season, the mountains are one. The days are all long we just sit in the sun and talk through the hours, til the pale glimmering. If you lean a bit closer you might hear me sing.


And I won’t look back. I won’t look back. I’ll never go. I’ll never go. I can’t say yes. I can’t say yes. I won’t say no. I won’t say no. All that I need is the eye that can see in my heart.

So go wander away, but don’t linger too long or you may miss the reason you first came along. Tell me your story. Tell me your heart. We won’t share those secrets til well after dark.

Track Name: From: Rare To Go - River Of Dreams (MQA 16/44.1)
River of Dreams - by David Elias

I sleep by the fire, your song’s in my dreams. I run off to find you,
you’re nowhere it seems. The blue clouds float higher, metallic skies gleam. Your shadow’s the answer, this river of dreams.

A fortnight’s a long time to wait by the door. Your footsteps
don’t echo, they been here before. I pull my coat tighter,
look out one time more. Your shadow’s the answer, it lies
on the floor.

I’ll cast one more time, to the river of dreams, with a net made
of willow and sycamore leaves. I won’t look behind me as tears
turn to streams. Echo those answers in rivers of dreams.