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Crossing (MQA Master)

by David Elias (24/44.1 ~ MQA 24/352.8)

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This quote from a first time listen and comparison by a non-musician, non- audiophile, whose MacBook had just loaded iTunes with ripped music for the first time (Time Forgets CD), downloaded and added the David Elias Time Forgets MQA CD master from Bandcamp (ALAC format), plugged into a Meridian Explorer2 MQA DAC ($299) with Zipbuds ($25) attached. (MacBook Sound settings changed to use Meridian Explorer2 preference.)

She listened and alternated between MQA and non-MQA versions of various tracks. The Explorer2 DAC's Blue MQA Studio Quality Authentication LED light indicated MQA was present on the MQA tracks when expected (lit) and not present on the CD version of the tracks when not expected (not lit):
"oh wow - oh my god !
clearer crisp sharp, gawd!!
no question !!
you can hear everything better, everything being all the instruments
sharper clearer you can hear every distinctive instrument, awesome!"
~~~~~ About "Crossing" ~~~~~~
One of the DSD recordings that made David Elias "Best Male Vocalist" on pure DSD download site
Recorded, mixed and mastered in the ultra high HD audio resolution of Direct Stream Digital (DSD), 64 times higher resolution of CD quality 16/44.1k PCM.
What Stereophile magazine described as "Extraordinary"!! - This is a 5.1 Multichannel Hybrid SACD = Plays stereo on any CD player. *** Very Limited Copies Remaining -- then OOP! ***
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Album Notes:
STEREOPHILE Magazine said: "From the first note it is apparent that this is an extraordinary recording". "Crossing" is a recording for anyone looking to rediscover the folk tradition in a contemporary expressive format. It has the songs and the musicians performing that are capable of recreating what many consider to be a lost or at least an endangered art.
"Crossing" continues to blaze the 5.1 Surround Sound HD trail (Elias began in 2003 with award-winning 'The Window') and at the same time addressing the folk tradition idiom by working with legendary musicians in live studio recording sessions.
"Crossing" explores the depth to which highly articulate lyrics and accompaniments can be captured and recreated for the listener in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. It features a top-notch backing band recorded live in the studio at in La Honda, California. Discover what it sounds like to be surrounded by some of the finest bluegrass and folk musicians. This album was recorded for surround-sound with the listener sitting in middle facing the singer and the band wrapping around both sides. It was indeed a circle of musicians in the studio...
"Crossing" joined the top list of picks (finalists) by High Fidelity Review writers and listeners for the 2005 Surround Music Awards in 3 different categories: "Listener's Choice", "Best Made-For-Surround Title", and "Best Non-Orchestral Mix". It is also one of the very few Pure DSD recordings (recorded/mixed/masterd as DSD) out there!
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released June 1, 2016

Word and Music by David Elias, © 2005 - All Rights Reserved

David Elias: acoustic, vocal
Matt Flinner: mandolin
Eric Thorin: upright bass
Sally Van Meter: dobro
Marc Dalio: drums
Eric Moon: accordion, keyboard
John Havard: electric guitar
Chris Kee: upright bass
David Phillips: pedal steel
Peter Tucker: drums

Produced by David Elias
MQA DXD Master from DSD (2016) by MQA Ltd., UK.
Recorded to DSD64 on Sonoma by Charlie Natzke
Studio Engineer: Charlie Natzke,
Mixed, Mastered for SACD 2.0/5.1 by Gus Skinas,
DSD Download Production by David Elias

Here's what Dick Metcalf wrote (5 stars):


A new recording format (DSD), which the liners say is "the highest resolution media available anywhere today", is featured on this great little CD in from David! I was first introduced to David's wonderful acoustic guitar & vocals over at MIXPOSURE ( ), by Guy Michetti (who is a fantastic player in his own right). Elias' music takes me back nearly 30 years, to an era where the singers were able to reach right out & touch your soul with their lyrics (think James Taylor, maybe). David's voice is a natural for this kind of music, & his lyric-writing skills are top-o'-th'-line. There's a tinge of country & a flash of John Denver, but I'd say his singing & lyrical style reminds me (more) of one of my all-time favorite singers, Bruce Cockburn. Simple messages wrapped in intelligent & meaningful words. If you like this type of music, I'd suggest you keep your ear on Mr. Elias... he's got fame & glory coming soon. Be sure you're there to enjoy it with him... I will be, for sure! This CD gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears! Learn more about David & his music at or purchase the CD at

Here's what Will wrote (5 stars):

What I Need To Hear

I just wanted you to know that i have been listening to these songs on a regular basis. And it is just absolutely beautiful and moving. The perfect instrumentation for every song just totally gets me. Your voice is lifted to amazing height with this music. And i'm glad because everything you say is what I need to hear. Anyone who hasn't heard this is really missing out. Thank you thank you thank you.

Here's what Phillip E. Hardy wrote (5 stars):

Mind Mending

David is a bona fide folk music talent in the tradition of popular 70’s artists like Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce. This track [Mend My Mind] is so damn pleasant to hear and I wish I heard more music like this at OMD’s. The vocals and guitar work are effortless and beautiful and the production is as clean as it gets. The mandolin work on this tune also adds tremendous color and fills in without being overbearing. This is great work by an artist who deserves your attention.

Here's what musician Maria Daines wrote (5 stars):

Poetry and Storytelling

'Loneliness must be where friendship and the road meet...'

A knock me over piece of writing that says so much more inside, under and over the lines. A quiet place of light, like walking through autumn leaves with the sun laying her golden fingers across the land and as you stroll you hear a song in your head, the solitude of peace.

You sing and play a journey here and take us along with you, from your shoulder we can share the experience of being in anothers shoes,
a brief gimpse of an artists heart.

A professional recording of the highest quality, everything in balance so perfectly. Easing us into a kind of comfort and beauty. Sheer heaven.

Thank you.

Here's what M. Frazier wrote (5 stars):

Perfect all the way

Everything about this song [Crossing] is simply musical. The epitome of true modern music. A great story, excellent songwriting, musical changes, musicianship, vocals, production. Smooth, heartfelt and stirs images in the minds of the listeners (speaking for myself - and I bet a lot more). This is one of the best tunes I've heard for a long time, anywhere. Super work all around. Very pleased I found this one.

Lots more 5 star reviews here:


all rights reserved



David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He has self- produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

HD Videos since 2010

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Track Name: Crossing (Lonely Bells) - MQA
Crossing (Lonely Bells)
- David Elias, April 14, 2003

i used to hear them lonely bells
ringing on patrick street in the middle of a sunday morning
like from the bottom of a wishin well
and no one to reach down there and turn them down

then i'd go walkin up blake and turn down evans st.
around the corner with those vacant lots
i learned that lonliness must be where friendship and the road meet
i was younger then but i learned a lot

you're pickin up that well-worn load
you take it down a lonely road
you need another place to go now

you're pickin up that well-worn load
you take it down a lonely road
you need another place to go now

i still think i hear some of them lonely bells
ringing in the middle of my day dream
then i push on off and think oh what the hell
i might as well be back on patrick street
Track Name: Mend My Mind (MQA)
Mend My Mind - by David Elias

Mend my mind on a summer day
Arguello said what he had to say
No one wants it any other way
So mend my mind on a summer day

Mend my heart on the open shore
Where winds will blow then they blow some more
Colors fade away from rich to poor
Mend my heart on the open shore

Clear my head on an autumn day
The sun is strong and the winds are grey
The party’s over ain’t no one would stay
So clear my head on the autumn day

There’s nothing wrong with a rainy day
The skies may cry for yesterday
Winds will sing to find another way
There’s nothing wrong with that rainy day
Track Name: Close My Eyes (MQA)
Close My Eyes - by David Elias

I close my eyes and criticize and sympathize
Rest upon my dying day
I breathe the words the ones you heard
That story blurred
I watch them as they drift away

And I close my eyes
To that cold and windy day
I close my eyes
I don’t want to see again
Close my eyes
To the higher window
I don’t know what time it closes

I paint that picture while they lecture pure conjecture
I deny that river why
I seek the desert for the love that lusts to wander
Through the womb of fire and sky

And I close my eyes
To that cold and windy day
I close my eyes
I don’t want to see again
Close my eyes
To the higher window
I don’t know what time it closes
Track Name: Morning Light / Western Town (MQA)
Morning Light / Western Town - by David Elias

Morning light, western town
Morning light, western town
Roadside crosses lay me down

You can read it on the red brick
When you are up against the wall
Some said they saw you flying
Some said they saw you fall
No matter where you’re walking
You’re underneath it all

Is that a piece of paper that you’re holding
Is that a prayerbook in your hand
Written in some foreign language
From some obscure promised land
No matter what they’re saying
You still don’t understand

You can’t beat the big prediction
You can’t estimate the odds
You can’t treat a false addiction
With some even falser Gods
You wander cross the planet
With your head up in the clouds
Track Name: Rodeo On A Ridge (MQA)
Rodeo On A Ridge - by David Elias

The water under the bridge
Echos the rain outside
Morning and sun become one
Mile after mile
Wave with a smile
Rodeo on a ridge

The meadow we climbed was high
We didn’t know how high then
Glacier cut through that skyline
Blue ice on blue
How much of it you
Rodeo on a ridge

And prayers are for the poets
This song sings to that mountain time
All you knew and now you know it
Everything you left behin
Track Name: Red Tail Guide (MQA)
Red Tail Guide - by David Elias

Red tail guiding me alone
Red tail guiding me alone
And how will I know just when it’s safe at home
Red tail guiding me alone

Casts of thousands
Originals all on their own
Stalk the countryside
Looking for someone they’ve known
And in the evening time
Roll it up and roll it out
For one more red tail healer guide

Redwing burden’s laid aside
Redwing burden’s laid aside
And how will I know
Just when it’s safe inside
Redwing burden’s laid aside

Uptown singers know just how to say the words
Downtown ring it out beneath the river’s dirty rain
Small time dealer boys roll it up and roll it out for
One more red tail healer guide
One more red tail healer guide

Red sky guiding all my dreams
Red sky guiding all my dreams
Burns my memory
It leaves me in between
Red sky guiding all my dreams
Track Name: Heaven's Destiny (MQA)
Heaven's Destiny - by David Elias

The moon was golden just like the sun
Clouds were furrowed just like your brow
These days of old have just begun
To catch up back where we are now

And those dreams of gold don’t grow on trees
They seek the bottom of the sea
When you are old and look like me
You’ll follow heaven’s destiny

Dreams of old have just begun
Shining through the dust and sun
When you are old and you look like me
Remember heaven’s destiny

That ring of fire may burn some wings
Sure as the crow and sparrow sings
Well they’ll float on down to easy street
And call it heaven’s destiny
Track Name: One More Savior (MQA)
One More Savior - by David Elias

Sunset flavors, shadows waver
Only time for one more savior
Wishful thinking, summer sinking
It’s all in how we labor on

Sunday choir singing higher
Trying hard to fill the empty hall
Ash on Wednesday, ash on Thursday
Dust to dust it’s no special thing at all

How well we know ourselves
How well we know ourselves
How well we know ourselves
Track Name: Above The Creek (MQA)
Above The Creek - by David Elias

They told me kids were to be seen and not to speak
I heard those wise words once or twice a week
Come Saturday I’d find my hand in cheek
In the ash up on that hill above that creek

And those desperados chased me through the corn
Savages were taking me by storm
And just as things were getting rather bleak
I’m in the ash up on that hill above that creek

And those memories come take me don’t go crying
Tragedy forsake me you’ll be dying

So if imaginary friends don’t come to play
You’re feeling kind of lonesome in the day
The strong arms that will hold you when you’re weak
Are in the ash up on that hill above that creek
Track Name: The Riddle Song (MQA)
The Riddle Song - by David Elias

I took a little piece of thread from the pillow on my bed
I put it underneath my arm to keep it safe and keep it warm
It found its way into my heart
Where it was destined from the start
That’s the way it goes, ain’t that the way it goes

I picked a penny from the floor
Walking through the hardware store
I put it into my old shoe, it seemed to be the thing to do
It found its way into my soul filling up an empty hole
That’s the way it goes, ain’t that the way it goes

A feather landed on my knee
When I was leaning ‘gainst a tree
It wasn’t any kind of test
Just looking for a place to rest
It found its way under my skin
Grew to spread its wings within
That’s the way it goes, ain’t that the way it goes
Track Name: Changing Down (MQA)
Changing Down - by David Elias

See my cup go flowing
See my cup go running over
See my cup go flowing down

See my colors changing
See my red go into white now
See my colors changing down

More than this I can’t say how
Everything else changing
There’s still a light above your brow
Everything else changing down

See the rest I’m taking
Rest comes easy outside harm’s way
See the rest I’m taking down

See the walls they’re closing
Close to this I can’t say how
See the walls they’re closing down
Track Name: If I Had My Way (MQA)
If I Had My Way - by David Elias

If I had my way I’d be lying in a field
Studying the sky, listen to you breathe
Measuring the blues right up against the greens
Moving to the stones that lie under my feet

But I don’t have a tree to fall under
Or a bag full of stones to crawl under
I’ll smile for awhile at the thunder
And dream about the day I can say I had my way

If I stood my ground I’d be taller than I am
Like running up a hill or running through the sand
Measuring those blues right up against the greens
Moving to the stones that lie under my feet

But I don’t have a tree to fall under
Or a bag full of bones to crawl under
I’ll smile for awhile at the thunder
And dream about the day I can say I had my way

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