The Blue Planet (MQA CD Master)

by David Elias ~ Independent Acoustic ~ MQA Pioneer



Original Studio Masters encoded with MQA

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"The original intention and sounds are much more accurately represented [with MQA] and are therefore much, much more enjoyable to listen to. The convenience of MQA's smaller file size is an additional no-brainer." - DE

You do not need any special hardware (MQA DAC) or software (MQA Player) to reap the benefits of the MQA encoding. The temporal blurring (aka time smearing) has been greatly reduced especially the pre-ringing/echo from this PCM master. It sounds better than a CD equivalent no matter how you play it. An MQA DAC such as the Meridian Explorer2 (US$299) can further enhance the sound quality as well as unfold any hi-res frequencies above 20k.

You can download an MQA Sampler that contains all resolutions as examples, from 16/44.1 all the way to 24/352.8

It is online at BC Exclusive Here:
This quote from a first time listen and comparison by a non-musician, non- audiophile, whose MacBook had just loaded iTunes with ripped music for the first time (Time Forgets CD), downloaded and added the David Elias Time Forgets MQA CD master from Bandcamp (ALAC format), plugged into a Meridian Explorer2 MQA DAC ($299) with Zipbuds ($25) attached. (MacBook Sound settings changed to use Meridian Explorer2 preference.)
She listened and alternated between MQA and non-MQA versions of various tracks. The Explorer2 DAC's Blue MQA Studio Quality Authentication LED light indicated MQA was present on the MQA tracks when expected (lit) and not present on the CD version of the tracks when not expected (not lit):
"oh wow - oh my god !
clearer crisp sharp, gawd!!
no question !!
you can hear everything better, everything being all the instruments
sharper clearer you can hear every distinctive instrument, awesome!"
~~~~~ About "The Blue Planet" ~~~~~~

A "for the planet" project from 1998. The title track was also used on the first Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (M.U.S.E.) compilation. Here is the whole sequence of songs written as acoustic and electronic chill tracks.

Released in 1998 "The Blue Planet" is a statement for the environment at different levels. The title track pays attention to the quality of life on Earth..."If this is your best place, why you lay it all to waste?"...This song was also included in the first compliation released by Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (M.U.S.E. Yet another adaptation of this soundtrack is now for a popular YouTube video by MantraOfPeace.

This Is Real Music!
"This cd is wonderful, and i don't listen to this type of music, but it really reached out to me. I felt moved by the words, and calmed by the music, and that is what I listen to music for. David Elias, you have a new fan!!!!!" -- Tiffanee, The Music Woman

...a little Crosby, Stills and Nash...
"I started listening to this track ['The Blue Planet'], and I though wow this is really… really good, I was hearing a little Crosby, Stills and Nash in there and totally into the track, and then I thought what would make this track even better would be a little accordion, and then the accordion came in, I take my hat off to you David, I’m downloading this one now." -- Freddie

I'm Speechless..,.
"I can't believe you've received only 3 reviews for this masterpiece ['The Blue Planet']. It's an incredible song, definitely one of your very bests (if not THE best). I'm speechless, I can't think of superlatives to adequately describe this gem... You da man!" -- Doctor C.

As Always
"You have made a just incredible sounding track [The Blue Planet]. The lyrics are concise but present amazing visual images...And that is a feat! Everything in the song sounds mixed perfectly...I am going to enjoy listening to this a lot in the future. Such an important topic, and you make it so comfortable for me to hear it. Thanks." -- Will Mitchell

A kind of prayer for our planet Earth ...
"The Blue Planet CD EP unfolds as a kind of prayer for our planet Earth, featuring two vocal tracks and several quiet meditative instrumental piano/keyboards tracks. The title track notes the beauty of Earth while questioning our relentless quest to destroy it with pollution, war, etc: "And you took the bluest of them all and put it on a path where water falls. And you took the greenest of the green and put it under one canopy. And you put the globe that burns on high, put it far enough to warm my eyes ..." Extraordinary!" -- Riff Gibson, Raging Smolder Review

You're Killing Me Here...
"Wonderful melody. One of your best David. And the lyrics are as always the most purest of poetry!! And you used all of my favorite instruments on this track [The Blue Planet]. Lovely arrangment, harmonies I mean come on... you're killing me here!!!! I don't know how it is possible but every song you write it is as if God has kept your muse to himself for a time, and then allows you to release your muse to the rest of of us mortals. This goes on my radio station as of right now!!!" -- Guy Michetti, Mixposure Review Crew

The dolphins agree: simply magical!
"The title track of this CD became the theme song for Beach Clean Up Day in Half Moon Bay, CA when nearly a dozen dolphins appeared in the surf riding the waves toward the beach as David Elias & the Great Unknown performed The Blue Planet. The rest of this CD is just as magical as the song that summoned the dolphins!" -- Seachild

Great lyrics, voice and instrumentation!
"The Blue Planet is a song that captures many thoughts that are so eloquently expressed through your great lyrics, voice and instumentation !!!!" -- Zest

mellow...but a strong indictment
"An ironic piece - mellow in style, but a strong indictment against those who would ravage the earth." -- Planet Patriot Earth Songs - Eco-Music


released January 1, 1998

All songs by David Elias, Copyright 1998, all rights reserved
Produced and Arranged by David Elias
Recorded and Mixed by David Elias, Tascam DA-88, 16/48
Mastered by Gus Skinas,



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

He has self-produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA!

HD Videos since

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Track Name: The Blue Planet (MQA)
The Blue Planet (David Elias)

And you took the bluest of them all
Put it on a path where water falls
And you took the greenest of the green
Put it underneath one canopy

And you took the globe that burns on high
Put it far enough to warm my eyes
And you took the earth to trod upon
To realize our time before we're gone

And if this is your best place
Why you lay it all to waste
And if this is your safe home
Why you break its fragile bones
If this is your last chance
Why you dance with circumstance
If this is all for real
Why pretend we cannot feel
Track Name: Not Near Enough (MQA)
Not Near Enough (David Elias)

I went down to Whiskeytown not near enough
I filled my water on the way not near enough
I took a room by some blue lagoon not near enough
Watched those waves come crashing through
Not near enough

I built a boat of rushing reeds not near enough
Packed a bag of apple seeds not near enough
I said a prayer and combed my hair not near enough
Lit out for the ocean air
Not near enough

Broke my bread on my brother's head not near enough
I wondered if enough was said not near enough
It wasn't clear to cheer me up not near enough
Forget I'm here I'll disappear
Not near enough

I went down to Whiskeytown not near enough
I filled my water on the way not near enough
I took a room by some blue lagoon not near enough
Watched those waves come crashing through
Not near enough