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Her Name Is A. David Elias © 2002 4/4 Chord Tab: “Fs” is 1X0011 Cs” is X20010 Intro | C Cs | Fs Fs | | C Cs | Fs Fs | C Cs Her name is A. Fs I don’t expect to know the C Cs Fs End C Cs But that’s OK Fs I’ll take a chance on her C Cs Fs again G Through the dust and fog F She’s dancing in a crowd G She’s looking over F And the music’s not too loud G I should know better F G But I think that I know everything C Cs | Fs G | Her name is A. I don’t expect her to remember The other day It’s just a memory anyway I watch the crowd That I am not part of anyhow I reach my mind back To the last full moon the starry plough She is a vision Of the place I have to get back to Somehow - Solo - |C Cs | Fs G | |C Cs | Fs G | Her name is A. A picture will just have to do Two shades of grey For the left and the right part of The heart I never knew I’m standing here Between the painting and the prose With one arm raised up And the sand between my toes An old romantic Well they say that’s how it goes… Her name is A. She came back as a silhouette And made her way In that way I can’t forget Somewhere between the expectation and regret All of this beauty may replace them if I let it I should know better But I think that I know everything - Solo - |C Cs | Fs G | |C Cs | Fs G | |C Cs | Fs G | |C Cs | Fs G | C Cs Her name is A. Fs G C I don’t expect to know the end
Freedom on the freeway run me down Seein' little bits of every little town And I’m not the kind of guy to hang you down I’m only here to disappear I guess I run around I’m only here to disappear I guess I run around Highballs on the highway what’d you say Thinking about you every other day And I’m just the kind of guy that drives away I’m only here to disappear I guess I’m made that way I’m only here to disappear I guess I’m made that way Hey who’s that there on my tail Another fugitive for freedom or from jail I’m like a postcard in the mail Self addressed to who knows best Go on read me what the hell Running down the road I’ll take my time Loosen up the gridlock in my mind And I love my Chevron coffee – suits me fine We’re only here to disappear Best enjoy that ride You’re only here to disappear You best enjoy that ride
Summer Wind 06:49
4/4 – Capo 4th Fret Gsus is 3X2013 Gsus2 is 3X0023 Intro G | G Summer wind don’t wait for no one It sure enough will blow right by Nothin like those evening breeze covers at night And when you’re followin your own road Headin out to bigger sky Think of me and how that summer wind was right And winter wheat don’t wait for no one It stares alone at empty skies Nothin like the way those highways run at night And while you’re walkin down your own row Settled on your own horizon Think of me and how that winter wheat was right You run another year you turn around You run another year you turn around Tides of spring they wait for no one They run along, won’t wave goodbye Nothin like those hearts and souls they keep locked tight And while you’re runnin down your own road Carrying tears you couldn’t cry Think of me and how those tides of spring were right Autumn winds they wait for summer Beckoning through winter’s gate Hoping spring won’t follow more than its own fate So while you’re followin your own road Wonderin what it was for Think of me and how the autumn winds knew more
Go Down Easy 04:55
Jimmy was the man with the grandstand plan And a couple more up his sleeve He stole a 4x4 robbed a liquor store On the night before New Year’s Eve And he was runnin down the road Drinkin Wild Irish Rose With a smile and a sneer But the plans that he laid Didn’t allow for barricades Or the 8 to 15 years Go down easy No strugglin on the way Stickin to the things that you do best Give a little lovin every day Take it easy But take it just the same Happiness it ain’t no crime Everybody gets to play that game Sally was the girl with the ivory curls And the movie poster smile She whizzed her way through school She followed all the rules With her slow and steady style She graduated fast at the head of her class Went to a party in a summer dress Ridin shotgun in a car That was leavin from the bar Into an 18-wheel caress Go down easy… Rita and Romaine were a burnin flame In the class of ‘61 People sure admired the intensity of fire They displayed for everyone Both were mesmerized Lookin in the other’s eyes They saw the spark and the saddness there So they had a couple kids They were kind of glad they did But it cost their whole affair Go down easy… And I was lookin at my life At the pictures without lights There were images of you And I was never really sure If there ever was a war Or we just did what we needed to It reminds me of a time in 1969 I was walkin through the woods Trees and flowers there unfolded like a prayer Hell I never felt so good Go down easy…
The Old King 05:04
Hear them cheering for your dying day See them wipe your feet with dust and clay Never mind the near ones where they lay Memories of clear ones there they stay There they stay Hear them clear away your open grave Watch them lower you down into place Night will pass eternal into space While the sun burns coins laid on your face On your face Consciousness returns to summer’s eyes Windmills spin their patterns through the skies Heavy air returns to times gone by No one meets your gaze or even tries Even tries Crows in pairs are sentries to your doom Watchers of the seeds you plant to soon Blackening the sky they leave no room For the sun to shine down on your tomb On your tomb
There’s something about you I don’t know Something about those places we go The window is open to the valley below Something about you I really don’t know Something about you I just don’t know I look in my head for a part of last summer Search in my heart for a piece of the pie You and I play the part of one different drummer The music is clear as the sun in the sky The music is clear as the sun in the sky When grandma appears as clear as a crow I feel like I’m with somebody I really know The garden is green wherever you go There’s something about you I really don’t know Something about you I just don’t know Time takes a detour and restlessness waits We’re walkin outside of the city’s main gates We’re seein the world in an alternate state It’s you and me baby the rest can just wait It’s you and me baby the rest can just wait There’s something about you I don’t know Something about those places we go The window is open to the valley below Something about you I really don’t know Something about you I just don’t know
I wish I had a field of corn Or half a rag to keep me warm A bag of bones to blow my horn Time to fade away I wish I had a bowl of wheat Or half an ear to keep the beat See me on a one way street Half an hour away Old time Old time old time Half an hour away I wish I had a room of gin And all the keys to lock me in Never see my face again Time to fade away I wish there was a world of green And half the time to be unseen Never what you really mean Half an hour away Old time Old time old time Half an hour away I’ll look for you in dreams come true When all you see is what you do Never mind the world you knew Half an hour away Old time Old time old time Half an hour away
4/4 “D/B” is X20021 “A7sus” is X02030 Intro D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | D D/C# I am an old man D/B A7sus A I am the writing on the wall D D/C# I’ve seen a few but they will D/B A7sus A Say that I have seen it all G D Not a lot of confidence G A Even less of self-esteem D D/C# D/B That is my means of transportation A D Hey, or I can’t move at all D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | I am a witness of the future I’m a remnant of the past I roll in oceans I will always sing The song that fails to last Bones and bakeries And all that lies in between These things will shape the weight of presence With the first stone that is cast I am a mirror I am the side of some old barn I cannot hear you I am far farther than long gone Patience and practicals May never have been That is the means of emulation In the season of the fall - Solo - D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | Bridge G D It’s not time for that reality G D It’s not time for some old charm G D In the end a near fatality Em A A7 Broken minds and broken hearts D D/C# D/B I am a picture of the answer A7sus A I’m a means unto the end D D/C# D/B I am the slowest of all dancers A7sus A And I dance without a friend G So don’t pause for those D Concessions G A A7 If you know what I mean D D/C# D/B As I make my way this warm day A D On my stroll across the green D/C# D/B I will be making my own way A A7 D On my stroll across the green - Solo - D D/C# | D/B | A7sus | A | Repeat…
The Window 05:53
Tune low E to D 4/4 “Dm” is 0X0231 “F” is 3X0210 “G” is 5X0430 Intro | Dm C | Dm | | Dm C | Dm | | Dm C | F G | | Dm C | Dm | Dm C Dm I don’t have any answers Dm C Dm And I don’t have any guns Dm C Dm I keep my eye on the window Dm C Dm I keep my eye on the sun (Solo – repeat intro) Dm C Dm And I own nothing that’s holy Dm C Dm Except ideas yet to come Dm C Dm I keep my eye on the window Dm C Dm And pray for daylight to come Bridge F Dm There’s water under the ocean F Dm It feels the weight of the world F Dm And me I have no emotion | F | G | Dm | Dm | (Solo – repeat intro) Dm C Dm The window is my new religion Dm C Dm It shows me part of what is there Dm C Dm The light and darkness share the vision Dm C Dm And neither cares how long I stare Dm C Dm And neither cares how long I stare Dm C Dm And neither cares how long | F | G | Dm | Dm
Intro | C | C | C A picture of nothing does nothing F to free up my mind Am Those roses have dried up the G water's a waste of their time F I'd like nothing better than to C return to days of our song G F But a picture of nothing is all G C that will last for that long I try to remember the hopes in my heart way back when When only love mattered and running around with my friends I'd go back tomorrow if I could only remember the way But a picture of nothing is the only map I see these days - Solo - | C | C | F | F | | Am | Am | G | G | | F | F | C | C | | G | F G | C | C | - Bridge - E Am F C Try, I try, I try to unwind E F G G All those years I left behind C So I sit with my back to the F desert of all that I've done Am And try not to hold on to things G that have set with the sun F And I won't hold to tears that go C running off into the night G I'll take my last picture of F G nothing and wait for the next C morning light G I'll take my last picture of F G nothing and wait for the next C F C G C morning light
Sitting at the edge of your world Holding on your legs where they curl Looking for the vision of her The vision of her Staring down the year inside out Making do within and without Never finding reasons to doubt The vision of her


DSD64 Studio Source Download at davideliasusic.com

~~~~~ About "The Window" ~~~~~~
One of the DSD recordings that made David Elias "Best Male Vocalist" on pure DSD download site www.NativeDSD.com
Recorded, mixed and mastered in the ultra high HD audio resolution of Direct Stream Digital (DSD), 64 times higher resolution of CD quality 16/44.1k PCM. Available as a DSD 1-bit/2.8mHz or FLAC 24/88.2kHz master at www.davidelias.com
A must-have for acoustic/folk/country collectors with its award winning songwriting and stellar Boulder, Colorado session band. "The Window" broke all the barriers to independent musicians being part of the very high fidelity, hi-res revolution that was exclusive to the record industry prior. These session tracks captured the attention of audiophiles, DJ's, musicians, coffeehouses, and music lovers worldwide for the songwriting, performance and pristine audio qualities.
The original "The Window" hybrid 5.1 SACD was released in 2003 and was the first of its kind to be released anywhere in the world by an unsigned artist. It received a Brutus "Excellence" award from Positive Feedback Online as well as final nominiations in the 2003 Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California. Tracks were played on lots of popular folk radio shows including the syndicated "Midnight Special" from Chicago.
Since going out of print years ago, "The Window" SACD continued to be a favorite of audiophiles and folk/acoustic music lovers. It has often been cited as a "referernce recording" due to the sonic quality of the album.
A top notch studio band was assembled for these live sessions at Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado. The lineup includes Sally Van Meter (Grammy winning dobro player and member of original Bay Area "Good Old Persons" with Laurie Lewis), Matt Flinner (a favorite on Dish network for his compositions, Compass Records artist compared in greatness to Grisman on mando and Bela Fleck on banjo), John Magnie (original member of legendary and recording/touring Subdudes playing keyboards and accordion), Eric Thorin (recorded upright bass on Rounder with Open Road Bluegrass and recently Matt Flinner Trio), Marc Dalio (omnicient, impeccable drummer touring with the lkes of Erin McKeown), and Ross Martin (among many many other accolades one of my all time favorite guitar players, tours with Matt Flinner Trio, Drew Emmitt).
Mostly you just need to sit back and relax while listening to "The Window". Your ears will be in the good hands of some exceptional musicians backing David in the studio working magic into the lyric and poetic songs presented ranging from ballads to country to bluegrass to straight folk style as well as some intricate fingerstyle work.
From SSLABS Epinion Review of "The Window"
The music pouring through The Window...
"After taking in about 20 seconds of The Window I realized just how mainstream my tastes have become in the past few years. Like someone walking into a theater after the flick has already started, I allowed my ears time to adjust. Now that I’ve had all this time to get acquainted, there are tracks that speak to me more than others. The Window is difficult to categorize, slapping it in the folk category is easy only because that is the nearest description, but it isn’t always completely fitting.
The first half of The Window is definitely a mix of the upbeat, quiet, and sometimes somber side of little guitar strumming stories. Freedom on the Freeway a straight up and down guitar pluckin’, harmonica playin’ tune kicks things off. Freedom, a little ditty about traveling, and life on the road has Elias showing his rascal side with bits like ‘I’m just the kind of guy that that drives away, I’m only here to disappear. Yet Elias shares his low maintenance side with lines like “I love my Chevron coffee..... suits me fine. The following tracks, like Summer Wind and Go Down Easy are easy to overlook. A little conventional in sound, and in presentation, these folk-y numbers tend to reward anyone with the liner notes in hand. There are great little observations about life in America to be appreciated here, nothing heavy, more reminiscing and bits of Americana than anything else.
The Old King sounding somber and reflective, leans more toward the songs (lyrically) on Jewel’s Spirit that never gained any airplay, but grabbed ahold of some fans really tight (like me) and never let go. The intro to Half An Hour Away has what I personally wanted to hear more of on The Window. With just a hint of something sinister (in sound) around the edges that say, Natalie Merchant would churn out; like St. Judas, Half an Hour Away is where my ears really started to dig in. Following the intro, Half an Hour Away is where Elias plays a bit, a little Alice in Wonderland with musings like ‘I wish I had a field of corn... Or half a rag to keep me warm...... A bag of bones to blow my horn.......... Time to fade away.”
Her name is A. is the only true love song here. And after getting rather close to this tune, Elias has me wondering just who this mystery woman is. Would a full name cause controversy? Or is it more like controversy in his own mind that is being avoided? A defense mechanism perhaps? Maybe I have to stop thinking about every little thing so much and simply accept this sad song that I’ve befriended.
The Window (intro) is a free style of sorts. Various stringed instruments sigh and wince in pain. And later, post intro, a guitar drips with the sounds of a showdown between two men in the old west. It's like a warm up session on drugs that finds the mind clearing up once the intro track fades away. The Window finds Elias showing a little bit of doom and gloom. There seems to be a “what has the world come to” vibe here when Elias sings “I own nothing that’s holy........ Except ideas yet to come.” At times even though the feeling is extremely vague, Loreena McKennitt's The Book of Secrets seems to haunt this brace of tracks, and maybe even the intro to Half an Hour Away to some degree was well.
It's possible that I'm audibly witnessing the next step in mixing music in surround. I've had this idea in my mind concerning “phantoms" and I was wondering just how long it would take for my theory to actually materialize. Like engineers mixing music in stereo, creating “phantom" vocals in the center for example, so that a singer seems to come from the middle rather than from two separate speakers is old news.
People hear this all the time in stereo music, and are totally oblivious to it. Now it seems that this technique has finally jumped into multi-channel music. It sounds like (to these ears anyway) Skinas used a front, center and rear channel to create a “phantom" source for instruments on The Window/intro. But rather than create a center phantom, it seems to be pulled back, more between the listener and the front sound stage. It's a bit strange, but wonderfully spacious. Either Skinas figured out how to mix music in 3-D taking into account the vast number of “phantoms" that could be created (like between the center, and left rear for example) or these guys set up a bunch of microphones and let everyone jam and I'm burning brain cells contemplating something that never even happened.
It could be a little bit of both, but regardless, the result is one of the most musical, detailed, and spacious recordings I've ever come across. I'm sure David Elias had a personal reason for using The Window as a title. For me however, the title is very fitting when referring to square hole in a wall with a band jamming on the other side. It sounds that good, and if you're a SACD fanatic, The Window deserves a slot in your collection."


released June 1, 2016

All Words and Music by David Elias, ©2003, All Rights Reserved
Produced by David Elias and KC Groves
Arranged by David Elias

(Remastered 24/44.1 FLAC w/ MQA 24/352.8)

Original DSD Recording on Sonoma by Gus Skinas
Original DSD Mixes and Mastering on Sonoma by Gus Skinas
Studio Engineer and Live Mix: Jeff Shuey
David Elias: acoustic, vocal, harmonica
Sally Van Meter: dobro, weissenborn, lap steel
Matt Flinner: mandolin, bouzouki
Ross Martin: ambient electric, baritone guitars
Eric Thorin: upright bass
Marc Dalio: drums
John Magnie: accordion, keyboards
Featured on "Vision of Her" Bonus Track:
Charlie Natzke: acoustic guitar
Chris Kee: upright bass


all rights reserved



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