Back to the basics. Aspen Rose was recorded with the handheld Korg MR-1 DSD recorder using the bundled condenser microphone. I recorded this in an offgrid cabin in Hamakua, a beautiful Hawaiian setting in the landscape looking out at the water. You can hear a gecko in the ceiling as well as some bamboo chimes outside on the lanai and even the far off sound of the outer island highway truck rolling by towards the end. There's no studio involved here, just a guitar and voice and a recorder to capture the event. I hope DSD percolates to all levels of the spectrum as a great tool for music lovers anywhere.


Aspen Rose - David Elias

Aspen Rose your toes remind me of a summer lost
Beauty in the wilderness unspoiled and untamed
Aspen Rose your ruby nose reminds me of another frost
Straight down from the north comes forth
We're boiling tea again

Aspen Rose your blond hair glows as sunrise
Easing up the mountains you're wandering through the pines
Aspen Rose your youth shows silent as the twilight
Settling through the window calming down my inner mind

Aspen Rose recall those nights when we were strangers
Unknowing to the dangers that surrounded us like thieves
Aspen Rose nobody knows how things could not change
We flowed like a river right beneath October trees

Aspen Rose I'll go I'm sorry that I'm weary
Afraid that I have come too far in far too short a time
Aspen Rose your heart's the slowest burning fire
I'll ever know, it's time to go
I love you more than I


from Coffeehouse Playlist #1 (MQA Master 24​/​352​.​8), released June 1, 2014
Words and Music by David Elias
David Elias – nylon string acoustic guitar, vocal



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

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