From the archives this live explosive take of "Before Those Winter Nights" was captured in the 100 year old San Gregorio General Store off Hwy 1, California. Vintage rock style with a large raucous band: David Elias & The CasualTees.

See the video with supreme photos from a spectacular sunrise in the Himalayas on YouTube:


Shot in the Annapurna Sanctuary, the video tracks a explosive sunrise directly up the back side of the Machapuchare (Fish Tail Mountain, home of the Hindu god Shiva) where no man has set foot (or have they?)




Before Those Winter Nights
- David Elias 1/1/04, 6:52 pm

4/4 – strong medium (tune low E to D)

Verse: Dm | Bb Bb C C
Dm | C C C C

four a.m. in the morning
my eyes are open as my mind is closing
city of the golden bridges doesn't
bring me any closer to my resting place
i can always stop for coffee
god knows i need the caffeine
in a blink i can become my witness
witness this you are forever

five-thirty can it be that early
i miss the days that i slept in daylight
always running on an empty track
always tryin to make it through an open door
can i keep up with the landscape
can i rush ahead and never look back
warm my hands beside the engine
i better try to find some gloves with fingers

did she say something i missed
did i really look the other way now
i never could remember dates and first names
but i can't forget those days of autumn
joseph's coat is getting old now
someone else had better rake him over
i better try to get some sunlight
before those winter nights begin to roll me under
before those winter nights begin to roll me
before those winter nights begin to
before those winter nights

Dm | Bb Bb C C
Dm | C C C C

Ending Instrumental (celtic 4/4)
F C Bb C | F Bb C C |
F C Bb C | C Bb-C Dm Dm |


released May 29, 2019
Music & Lyrics by David Elias
Performed by David Elias & The CasualTees, Equinox For All, 2004

David Elias - acoustic guitar, vocal
John Havard - accordion
Gary McArthur - tenor sax
Calvin McElroy - electric guitar
Scott Beynon - electric bass
Peter Tucker - drums
Reid Dennis - percussion

Cover photo by David Elias, Mauna Kea observatories on the Big Island, Hawaii


all rights reserved


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