Originally released on "Crossing" hybrid multichannel SACD in 2005.

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Crossing (Lonely Bells)
- David Elias, April 14, 2003

i used to hear them lonely bells
ringing on patrick street in the middle of a sunday morning
like from the bottom of a wishin well
and no one to reach down there and turn them down

then i'd go walkin up blake and turn down evans st.
around the corner with those vacant lots
i learned that lonliness must be where friendship and the road meet
i was younger then but i learned a lot

you're pickin up that well-worn load
you take it down a lonely road
you need another place to go now

you're pickin up that well-worn load
you take it down a lonely road
you need another place to go now

i still think i hear some of them lonely bells
ringing in the middle of my day dream
then i push on off and think oh what the hell
i might as well be back on patrick street


from David Elias ~ 9 Tracks MQA Sampler (44​.​1 to 352​.​8 kHz), released June 7, 2016
Sound engineering and Sonoma DSD64 recording by Charlie Natzke, www.slipperworld.net

Mixed, Mastered by Gus Skinas, www.superaudiocenter.com

Converted from DSD to DXD (24/352.8) by MQA Ltd., UK
Encoded for MQA with studio bit perfect quality registered from 24/352.8 master by MQA Ltd., UK

Music & Lyrics by David Elias

David Elias: vocals, acoustic
Matt Flinner: mandolin
Sally Van Meter: dobro
Eric Thorin: upright bass
Marc Dalio: drums



all rights reserved


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