Extra (acoustic)

by David Elias - June 2020



Solo acoustic

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Extra (acoustic)
- by David Elias

I say easy don't come easy that is alright
The sassafras root's now hard to find
And extra is the thing that's bound to break me
Extra roots and extra time to mind

Gardens start to flower in the morning
There's nothing like that morning glory's eye
Satisfied the daybreak's done and over
Satisfied the night's done passed us by

I wish I had a book of all my poems
And a diary of my drawings of my life
And snapshots of the front doors of my past homes
And one braided lock of hair from my last wife

But extra things don't fit in my pagoda
And extra things don't fit my afternoon
I'll just turn them all into the things I owe ya
And call it quits one day before too soon
And call it quits one day before too soon


released June 28, 2020
Written, Performed, Recorded, Mix/Master by David Elias
Sketti Sandwich Productions
David Elias Music (ASCAP)

Cover art photo of dead, dried koa tree by David Elias

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