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I wrote this song in 2007 shortly after the passing of Paul Pena. A lot can be listened to from Paul as an extraordinarily gifted singer, songwriter and guitar player.

One chapter of Paul's life in music was captured in the documentary film “Genghis Blues”. You can witness parts of Paul's sojourn to Tuva where he participated in the national throat singing contest. I got to meet and hear Paul play at different places in the San Francisco Bay Area in the years prior to his untimely death.

At each of these shows I always felt like I was being treated to a simple, infinite wisdom and kindness. So the song “Miracles Take Time” came out of my recognition of such patience and gratitude from such a great artist.

From audiophile Gary R: "There is a delicacy, hushed reverence and deeply felt awe in this song, a melancholy “smiling with sad eyes” vibe. I was deeply touched. Love that your lyrics are both accessible and enigmatic. They require the listener to pay attention and “get it” but without the struggle and off-putting frustration of completely obscure and inaccessible lyrics. You’ve always had the right balance as a poet and song writer in tuning in to this balance."


Miracles Take Time – David Elias
For Paul Pena

on and on now
don't be late
silver wings
on silver plates
autumn lingers
can't escape
miracles take time

sing me now
your hands must rest
your body lingers
'gainst the fences
of its own strength
time has tested
miracles take time

tell me now
remind me soon
how silk roads wind
under the moon
carry a windless
silver tune
miracles take time

lightly now
and none to bear
yet songs to sing
and words to hear
silent tears
your heart has shared
miracles take time


from Slipper Sessions: And The Bit Goes On​.​.​. (MQA DXD Master​)​), released January 1, 2014
music and lyrics by david elias
david elias: acoustic guitar, vocal

Recorded to DSD by Charlie Natzke,



all rights reserved


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