If I wanted to plan an experiment to demonstrate and test the dynamics of recording from the very quiet to the very loud in the same song, I might write and record “River of Dreams”. Somehow it wasn't planned, yet here it is. A song again presented as the Heavy Wood trio with Chris and Ken. The story lines me up with something I'll never really know, nor will I ever forget.

Audiophile Gary R. wrote:
"...is very much in the same spirit of longing and remembrance of what once was but can never be again . . . no regret . . . just sadness, longing and acceptance. Loved it.

With these last two songs, I’m reminded of several of my favorite songs of longing that make me deliciously melancholy every time I hear them. A contradiction in terms? I think not. These songs describe the person left behind and explore what draws the other person – sometimes inexplicably – to another place – like a magnetic north that can’t be resisted. These are some examples:

Bob Dylan “Man in the Long Black Coat” on Oh Mercy
Alison Krauss “Maybe” on Forget About it
Alison Krauss “Ghost in the House” same CD
Joan Baez “Jesse” on several of her classic CDs"


River of Dreams – David Elias

I sleep by the fire
Your song's in my dream
I run off to find you
You're nowhere it seems
Blue clouds float higher
Metallic skies gleam
Shadow the answer
This river of dreams

A fortnight's a long time
To wait by the door
Your footsteps don't echo
They been here before
I pull my coat tighter
Look out one time more
Your shadow's the answer
It lies on the floor

I'll cast one more time
To the river of dreams
With a net made of willow
And sycamore leaves
I won't look behind me
As tears turn to streams
Echo those answers
In rivers of dreams


from Slipper Sessions: And The Bit Goes On​.​.​. (MQA DXD Master​)​), released January 1, 2014
David Elias – acoustic/vocal
Chris Kee – upright bass
Ken Owen - drums



all rights reserved


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