Stand In The Middle (Live)

by David Elias (16/44.1k single release)



Live from the unreleased "Day Three Take 1" album with David Elias & The CasualTees, 2007



Stand In The Middle
- by David Elias

You said you’d never run away from the game
But you stood up and walked away all the same
And you said you’d never run to another love
But you walked right up to her door
In the night

And you said you’d never turn your back on that road
But your shoulders were heavy
And so was the load
So you wasted away in a place in your mind
Where the spirit was black as the night was unkind

Somethings don’t matter
And somethings don’t change
And somethings they free you
And some are a drain
And nothing will leave you
If nothing remains
So stand in middle
And see if it rains

You looked to the left
You looked all around
Asleep in the night
Camped out on the ground
Say good night to the island
From where we all dream
And find your way
Up and across
Your own stream


released April 16, 2020
Words & Music by David Elias, all rights reserved worldwide
Recorded Live Mix in the San Gregorio General Store by John Nowland
Mastered for CD 16/44.1 release online by David Elias

David Elias: acoustic, vocal
Charlie Natzke: electric, vocal
John Havard: electric
Gary McArthur: tenor sax
Roger Powell: keyboards
Scott Beynon: bass
Ken Owen: drums
Reid Dennis: percussion

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