Recorded live in San Gregorio with a single stereo mic to 1-bit 48kHz DAT. David Elias & The Great Unknown in 2002. Unreleased at that time, only on bootleg "Illegal Copy #2" cds for locals.


Stone House On Blueberry Hill - by David Eilas

Well the wire was strung higher
Than anyone there could have known
And the kinder the reminder
The less chance they'd make it back home
There was smoke, there was fog
And blueberries wild on the hill
There was silence there was humming
Pacing and drums without will

There's a signal in the campfire
And nobody knows what it means
There's a young man who looks old and tired
With eyes that won't say anything
There's a soldier, there's a farmer
A stone house burned black from within
There are friendships that have parted
And brothers who are missing their kin

There's a buckle made of silver
A leather purse empty of coins
And a bottle to deliver
Some freedom wherever you're going
I was there I was watching
From an island of trees they were ash
I was empty I was lonesome
I had questions and no one to ask

There's a blue ridge in the Blue Ridge
And a history of wanderers there
If you're lost in those mountains
Remember to look for me there


from David Elias ~ 9 Tracks MQA Sampler (44​.​1 to 352​.​8 kHz), released June 7, 2016
Music & Lyrics by David Elias
Recorded stereo 1-bit 48kHz Sony TCD-8 DAT from single stereo mic in room, no mix. Mastered by David Elias

Encoded for MQA with studio bit perfect quality registered from 16/44.1 master by MQA Ltd., UK

David Elias: guitar, vocal
Lisa Kelly: mandolin, vocal
Gary McArthur: tenor sax
Scott Beynon: bass
Reid Dennis: tambourine
Perry Thorwaldson: drums



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

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