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You do not need any special hardware (MQA DAC) or software (MQA Player) to reap the benefits of the MQA encoding. The temporal blurring (aka time smearing) has been greatly reduced especially the pre-ringing/echo from this PCM master. It sounds better than a CD equivalent no matter how you play it. An MQA DAC such as the Meridian Explorer2 (US$299) can further enhance the sound quality as well as unfold any hi-res frequencies above 22k.

You can download an MQA Sampler that contains all resolutions as examples, from 16/44.1 all the way to 24/352.8

It is online at BC Exclusive Here:

This quote from a first time listen and comparison by a non-musician, non- audiophile, whose MacBook had just loaded iTunes with ripped music for the first time (Time Forgets CD), downloaded and added the David Elias Time Forgets MQA CD master from Bandcamp (ALAC format), plugged into a Meridian Explorer2 MQA DAC ($299) with Zipbuds ($25) attached. (MacBook Sound settings changed to use Meridian Explorer2 preference.)
She listened and alternated between MQA and non-MQA versions of various tracks. The Explorer2 DAC's Blue MQA Studio Quality Authentication LED light indicated MQA was present on the MQA tracks when expected (lit) and not present on the CD version of the tracks when not expected (not lit):
"oh wow - oh my god !
clearer crisp sharp, gawd!!
no question !!
you can hear everything better, everything being all the instruments
sharper clearer you can hear every distinctive instrument, awesome!"
~~~~ About Illegal Copy #2 (bootleg!) ~~~~~~~

Throwback to a nice comfy country era recorded live in the San Gregorio General Store (www.sangregoriostore.com) on 3/22/2002, David Elias & The Great Unknown hunker down with the wood stove and a room of friends open to being open and sharing music and a few whiskeys... A few handmade CDs were printed at the time of this bootleg, then disappeared until now as a very REAL download or streaming album.


released March 22, 2002

All Songs By David Elias ©2002
David Elias: acoustic, vocal, harmonica
Gary MacArthur: flute, tenor sax
Lisa Kelly: mandolin, backup vocal
Scotty Beynon: bass
Reid Dennis: percussion
Perry Thorwaldson: drums

Special Guest: Iseult Jordon, backup vocal on "Stone House On Blueberry Hill"

Recorded live to stereo and Mastered by David Elias, Sketti Sandwich Productions

Produced and Arranged by David Elias



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

He has self-produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA!

HD Videos since youtube.com/davideliasvideo

Go To www.davidelias.com for Native DSD studio master stereo and 5.1 downloads!
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Track Name: Too Early To Tell (MQA)
Too Early To Tell - by David Elias

A penny for your thoughts
A blanket for your dreams
Where you are is what you are
Geography's everything
The diamond sewn up tight
In the lining of your clothes
Walking down the road that's closed
And everybody knows
It's anyone for anything
There ain't no losers in this passing lane

Breakfast at the table
Emotions by the score
Last time you were counting
While you filed through that door
The rope you're braiding
Isn't made in the USA
Someone better get that map
Find another way
It's everyone for everything
Their ain't no losers in this passing lane

You're ready for the next step
Baby steps at best
No time for contemplation
No lines to dedicate
Well they say wherever you go there you are
It's something someone said
Try not to think about those places stuck inside your head
Tomorrow's just a lesson
Nobody's learned too well
Too early to tell

Tomorrow just a lesson
That nobody learns too well
Too early to tell
Too early to tell
Too early to tell
Too early to tell
Track Name: Sunday's Daughter (MQA)
Sunday's Daughter - by David Elias

With a suitcase and radio
And some baggage from the past
How I got here baby, I don't know
Or even if it's gonna last
I missed a drop off back in Tennessee
A couple of friends I'm supposed to meet
I just stayed on Greyhound's limosine
It's nothing I cannot repeat

Early water
Early rain
Early mornings all alone
Sunday's daughter
Lays her claim
Under this river made of stone

I have lost many times
But I keep it all inside
Like tides that cross
Between the lines
I wonder if it's mine to hide
These rocks can heal
With memories
They can't return if they don't leave
So if you feel some distant breeze
Move you along
That's all you need

Early water
Early rain
Early mornings all alone
Sunday's daughter
Lays her claim
Under this river made of stone

Sunday's daughter
Lays her claim
Under this river made of stone
Track Name: The Road To Bethlehem (MQA)
The Road To Bethlehem - by David Elias

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem

I saw a sign on the way
Looked like a fire in my eye
But the truth lay in vain
On some hill I couldn't climb

I saw an angel from afar
Measuring those stars
But she could not tell the difference
Between wounds and battle scars

With no words to wish me well
I saw a crater fall to Earth
And the hole open to Hell
Marked the image of my birth

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem

Know I'm thankful for my time
And the road I've grown to know
My true passing I won't mind
Nor will you how well I know

I looked here and I looked there
For the road to Bethlehem
I walked far and I walked near
Down the road to Bethlehem
Track Name: One Last Chance (MQA)
One Last Chance - by David Elias

If I had one last chance
Would I throw it away
Reach for your shoulder
Or turn my back away

If I had one last match
Would I burn it for you
Or follow the water
To find some deeper blue

If I had one last wish
Would it ever come true
Am I wasting my time
Doing what I do

If I had one last word
Would I say it aloud
Or carry it forever
With me through the clouds

If I had one last day
Would I watch the sunrise
Or would I turn my face away
And cover up my eyes
Track Name: The Toll Road (MQA)
The Toll Road - by David Elias

He was running from his country
An outlaw of his times
He was just as drunk and dirty
As any of his kind
He'd been labeled and crusaded
Seeking refuge from the road
Unloyal and unaided
Where the tolls go where you go

He was instant with connections
Connected on the wire
Benefiting from protection
Of those good old guns for hire
Well he played em and he made em
Make decisions on their own
From the goodness of his wild heart
Where the tolls go where you go

He made a fortune on persuasion
In an unfortunate kind of way
When they described a male caucasian
With a high price on his head
Well his cars were found abandoned
And his footsteps here and there
And the dust of desert canyons
Sparked his traces in the air
With the conviction of a saint
He rode em high and low
With nary a complaint
Where the tolls go where you go

Well those years were not unlucky
And they left him well at large
Until some skinny girl in Truckee
Caught him camping near her lodge
Without aiding or abetting
Or even waking him from sleep
They shot him up in pieces
On the granite by the creek
He had misplaced all his connections
Abandoned the old road
And paid on those collections
Where the tolls go where you go
Track Name: Stone House On Blueberry Hill (MQA)
Stone House On Blueberry Hill - by David Eilas

Well the wire was strung higher
Than anyone there could have known
And the kinder the reminder
The less chance they'd make it back home
There was smoke, there was fog
And blueberries wild on the hill
There was silence there was humming
Pacing and drums without will

There's a signal in the campfire
And nobody knows what it means
There's a young man who looks old and tired
With eyes that won't say anything
There's a soldier, there's a farmer
A stone house burned black from within
There are friendships that have parted
And brothers who are missing their kin

There's a buckle made of silver
A leather purse empty of coins
And a bottle to deliver
Some freedom wherever you're going
I was there I was watching
From an island of trees they were ash
I was empty I was lonesome
I had questions and no one to ask

There's a blue ridge in the Blue Ridge
And a history of wanderers there
If you're lost in those mountains
Remember to look for me there
Track Name: Go Down Easy (MQA)
Go Down Easy - by David Elias

Go down easy, no struggling on the way
You're sticking to the things that you do best
Give a little loving every day
Take it easy but take it just same
Happiness it ain't no crime
Everybody gets to play that game

Jimmy was the man with the grandstand plan
And a couple more up his sleeve
He stole a 4x4, robbed a liquor store
On the night before New Years Eve
And he was running down the road
Drinking Wild Irish Rose with a smile and a sneer
But the plans that he'd laid didn't account for barricades
Or 8 to 15 years

Go Down Easy...

Sally was the girl with the ivory curls
And a movie poster smile
Whizzed her way through school she followed all the rules
With her slow and steady style
She graduated fast at the head of her class
Went to a party in a summer dress
Riding shotgun in a car that was leaving from a bar
Into an 18-wheel caress.

Go Down Easy...

Rita and Romaine were a burning flame
In the Class of '61
People sure admired the intensity of fire
They displayed for everyone
Both were mesmerized looking in the others eyes
Saw the spark and the sadness there
So they had a couple kids
They were kind of glad they did
But it cost their whole affair

Go Down Easy...

Then I was looking at my life
At the pictures without lights
There were images of you
Never really sure if there really was a war
Or we did what we needed to
It reminds me of a time in 1969
I'm walking through the woods
Trees and flowers there unfolded like a prayer
Hell I never felt so good

Go Down Easy...
Track Name: Red Tail Guide (MQA)
Red Tail Guide - by David Elias

Red tail guiding me alone
Red tail guiding me alone
And how will I know
Just when it's safe at home
Red tail guiding me alone

Uptown singers know just how to say the words
Downtown ring it out beneath the river's dirty rain
Small time dealer boys wonder if they're getting off
For one more red tail healer guide

Red wing burden's laid aside
Red wing burden's laid aside
And how will I know
Just when it's safe inside
Red wing burden's laid aside

Cast of thousands
Originals all on their own
Stalk the countryside
Looking for someone they've known
And in the evening time
Roll it up and roll it out for
One more red tail healer guide

Red sky guiding all my dreams
Red sky's guiding all my dream
Burns my memory
Leaves me in between
Red sky's guiding all my dreams

Red tail guiding me alone
Red tail guiding me alone
And how will I know
Just when it's safe at home
Red tail guiding me alone
Track Name: Close My Eyes (MQA)
Close My Eyes - by David Elias

I close my eyes and criticize and sympathize
Rest upon my dying day
I breathe the words the ones you heard
That story blurred
Watch them as they drift away

And I close my eyes
To that cold and windy day
I close my eyes
I don't want to see again
I close my eyes
To the higher window
I don't know what time it closes

I paint that picture while they lecture pure conjecture
I deny that river why
I seek the desert for the love that lusts to wander
Through the womb of fire and sky

And I close my eyes
To that cold and windy day
I close my eyes
I don't want to see again
I close my eyes
To the higher window
I don't know what time it closes