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by David Elias ~ Independent Acoustic ~ MQA Pioneer



Original Studio Masters encoded with MQA.

** The Ukelele track "Help Yourself" here is a free download **
*** IMPORTANT *******************************************************
Be sure to download ONLY Lossless PCM formats (AIF, WAV, ALAC, FLAC) to preserve the MQA encoding -- Do NOT use MP3, or AAC or other Lossy formats as they will lose the MQA encoding benefits.
Bandcamp always defaults to MP3 format for download -- Be sure to change this to one of Lossless formats (AIF, WAV, ALAC, FLAC) by selecting from the dropdown list presented when you download. Mahalo! It will play as MP3 but doesn't sound as good!
Plays on any media player with improved sound quality.
Read about MQA at
MQA Encoded by MQA Ltd., UK
"The original intention and sounds are much more accurately represented [with MQA] and are therefore much, much more enjoyable to listen to. The convenience of MQA's smaller file size is an additional no-brainer." - DE

You do not need any special hardware (MQA DAC) or software (MQA Player) to reap the benefits of the MQA encoding. The temporal blurring (aka time smearing) has been greatly reduced especially the pre-ringing/echo from this PCM master. It sounds better than a CD equivalent no matter how you play it. An MQA DAC such as the Meridian Explorer2 (US$299) can further enhance the sound quality as well as unfold any hi-res frequencies above 20k.
You can download an MQA Sampler that contains all resolutions as examples, from 16/44.1 all the way to 24/352.8
It is online at BC Exclusive Here:
This quote from a first time listen and comparison by a non-musician, non- audiophile, whose MacBook had just loaded iTunes with ripped music for the first time (Time Forgets CD), downloaded and added the David Elias Time Forgets MQA CD master from Bandcamp (ALAC format), plugged into a Meridian Explorer2 MQA DAC ($299) with Zipbuds ($25) attached. (MacBook Sound settings changed to use Meridian Explorer2 preference.)
She listened and alternated between MQA and non-MQA versions of various tracks. The Explorer2 DAC's Blue MQA Studio Quality Authentication LED light indicated MQA was present on the MQA tracks when expected (lit) and not present on the CD version of the tracks when not expected (not lit):
"oh wow - oh my god !
clearer crisp sharp, gawd!!
no question !!
you can hear everything better, everything being all the instruments
sharper clearer you can hear every distinctive instrument, awesome!"


released July 17, 2016

Songs from these David Elias albums (online here for download!)


"Acoustic Trio: DSD Sessions"

"Live in San Gregorio" with the CasualTees

"Rare To Go - December Solstice 2015"

Produced and Arranged by David Elias
All Songs by David Elias, all rights reserved worldwide



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

He has self-produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA!

HD Videos since

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Track Name: MQA - CasualTees: I'll Never Know Tomorrow (24/96 MQA Master)
I'll Never Know Tomorrow - David Elias

[ See the video of The CasualTees playing this track
at ]

I set fire to the page
I burned those words right down
Saw their ashes in the air
Sink right to the ground
Now I don't know if I was there
If I'm lost or if I'm found
Let's begin again I'll never know tomorrow

I saw the rings of Saturn spin
In a dream I had last night
That gold dust ice was thin
I held on with all my might
Now I can't remember where I been
In the early morning light
Let's begin again I'll never know tomorrow

I see the ocean from the trees
And the hilltop from the barn
I sail the seven seas
And never leave the farm
Don't tell me what I need
Don't take me by the arm
Let's begin again I'll never know tomorrow
Track Name: Free Track: Help Yourself (Ukelele, 16/44.1kHz MQA Master)
Help Yourself - David Elias

[ YouTube video from Hawaii with this track is here: ]

Morning comes before the sun, I hear that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Reflections smile behind the miles, I hear that song, I better help myself. I better help myself.

Lord you know it comes and goes, I feel that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Ain’t no one knows the lonely lows. When you hear that song you better help yourself. You better help yourself. Help yourself. You better help yourself.

Lord you know it comes and goes, when I feel that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Ain’t no one shows the lonely lows. When you hear that song you better help yourself.

Help yourself.

Help yourself.