Rare To Go - December Solstice (MQA CD Master)

by David Elias & The CasualTees ~ Independent Acoustic ~ MQA Pioneer



Original Studio Masters encoded with MQA

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This quote from a first time listen and comparison by a non-musician, non- audiophile, whose MacBook had just loaded iTunes with ripped music for the first time (Time Forgets CD), downloaded and added the David Elias Time Forgets MQA CD master from Bandcamp (ALAC format), plugged into a Meridian Explorer2 MQA DAC ($299) with Zipbuds ($25) attached. (MacBook Sound settings changed to use Meridian Explorer2 preference.)
She listened and alternated between MQA and non-MQA versions of various tracks. The Explorer2 DAC's Blue MQA Studio Quality Authentication LED light indicated MQA was present on the MQA tracks when expected (lit) and not present on the CD version of the tracks when not expected (not lit):
"oh wow - oh my god !
clearer crisp sharp, gawd!!
no question !!
you can hear everything better, everything being all the instruments
sharper clearer you can hear every distinctive instrument, awesome!"
~~~~~ About "Rare To Go..." ~~~~~~

New CD release "Rare To Go - December Solstice" takes you inside the studio as well as onto the stage through the band working these iconic songs into their story. The package alone is a work of art...


Rare To Go - December Solstice
(A CD Package and CD master download)

"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - it's awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

Here's what CP said:
"David, I have been listening to your music for well over 20 years. The honesty of your lyrics has always connected with me… from Light As A Rail to Help Yourself (#10). Even now when I listen to Silver Pen I think “those are my words, not yours” Good job Dave. The new website rocks too!"


Why “Rare To Go - December Solstice”? I spent time over a long stretch of months listening to some of the tracks I’d recorded with friends that seemed to encapsulate a certain story I hadn’t yet tried to tell in a record.

Here's the PDF w/ Notes, Lyrics and Photos:

It’s my story about how a band works, creates, and plays together. There are rehearsals and recording sometimes, and shows at times, and no one ever really knows what is going to happen next. These are the essential times for me in music, first with the band and then later to revisit at leisure, all as nothing short of magical.

It’s mostly about playing the songs and getting that playing right. This is a hard story to tell in these words. I think the story is better told in the notes recorded in the songs here. There’s always some funny shit too which is sadly missing on most plastic discs or downloads out there.

As always Mahalo for listening. Endless thanks to those who played and sang.


released December 22, 2015

Recorded to DSD on Sonoma at Slipperworld.net by Charlie Natzke.

“Hi” recorded to Sony TCD-8 stereo at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

“Help Yourself” recorded to Sony TCD-8 using stereo mic by David sitting by the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

DSD Analog Mixes by Charlie Natzke except “White and Blue” and
“River of Dreams” mixed by David Elias on Sonoma w/ Sony DSD Mixer Card.

Rehearsal tracks with 2 mics in room recorded to stereo on Alesis ML-9600 at 24/96.

Mastered for CD release by David Elias at 16/44.1 using Alesis ML-9600, Korg AudioGate 3.0.2, Audacity 2.1.0, and JRiver 20.0.131.

Arranged and Produced by David Elias, Sketti Sandwich Productions



all rights reserved


David Elias Hawaii

David Elias writes music and lyrics about living and dreaming and nature.

He takes photographs and uses them and his songs to make videos about nature and living and dreaming.

He has self-produced his own CDs and SACDs/DSD Downloads since 1995. Now pioneering MQA!

HD Videos since youtube.com/davideliasvideo

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Track Name: You Never Know (MQA)
You Never Know - David Elias

So you left that crazy man for someone that you could stand. And
you waved it everywhere like a flag in every hand. Were you so righteous? Were you so sincere and true? Or did you always twist the light just so to focus back on you. How could you know everything about someone you never knew. When will you grow up? You never know. You never know.

So you left that coast behind to try the other side. And all those people way back there became the scorn of your own pride. Are you the only one who has vision for the truth? Do you regard yourself so highly, eye for eye and tooth for tooth? How could you know everything about someone you never knew. When will you grow up? You never know. You never know.

Judge yourself before you ease into your throne. If advice is so damn nice maybe you’ll take some of your own. Think to tread lightly where you should not go. Or maybe not at all. Just think, you never know. You never know.
Track Name: River of Dreams (MQA)
River of Dreams - David Elias

I sleep by the fire, your song’s in my dreams. I run off to find you,
you’re nowhere it seems. The blue clouds float higher, metallic skies gleam. Your shadow’s the answer, this river of dreams.

A fortnight’s a long time to wait by the door. Your footsteps
don’t echo, they been here before. I pull my coat tighter,
look out one time more. Your shadow’s the answer, it lies
on the floor.

I’ll cast one more time, to the river of dreams, with a net made
of willow and sycamore leaves. I won’t look behind me as tears
turn to streams. Echo those answers in rivers of dreams.
Track Name: White and Blue (MQA)
White and Blue - David Elias

Red eye mind done gone along. Red eye mind done gone along. Green eye winks, summer’s gone. Red eye mind done gone along.

The sparrow sings and the swallow falls. The sparrow sings and the swallow falls. Misty wren sees none at all. The sparrow sings, the swallow falls.

Red eye mind done gone along. Red eye mind done gone along. Green eye winks, summer’s gone. Red eye mind done gone along.

White and blue, the sand and sea. White and blue, the sand and sea. In the middle, you and me. White and blue, sand and sea.
Track Name: Highway Man (MQA)
Highway Man - David Elias

Highway man lay down in your field of dreams. When your road
is done, you can lean on me. It was the rhythm of the rain that made you run towards the evening sun. One or another midnight train over red iron. Highway man lay down in your field of dreams.

Walking man come on to your water dream. When your road is gone you can lean on me. We’ll take the low road side before the evening tide when the river’s high. Can you remember how the red wine made you cry singing The Water Is Wide? Walking man come on to your water dream.

Sunshine man rave on in your cosmic dream. Starry roads roll on. You can lean on me. Through those crystal streams of brokedown palace dreams down those harvest basement stairs. Your china doll might have survived it all, I saw her standing there. Sunshine man rave on in your cosmic dream.

Roadside man dream on, there’s no deeper blue. When the world is gone I will lean on you. I don’t have to know where the road will go, just give me wheel’s on fire. I’m missing you what do I have to do to hear the higher choir. Roadside man dream on. There’s no deeper blue.
Track Name: Aspen Rose (CasualTees rehearsal - MQA)
Aspen Rose - David Elias

Aspen Rose your toes remind me of a summer lost; beauty in the wilderness, unspoiled and untamed. Aspen rose your ruby nose reminds me of another frost, straight down from the north comes forth, we’re boiling tea again.

Aspen Rose your blonde hair glows as sunrise, easing up the
mountains and wandering through the pines. Aspen rose your youth shows silent as the twilight, straight in through the window calming down my inner mind.

Aspen Rose recall those nights when we were strangers, unknowing to the dangers that surrounded us like thieves. Aspen Rose nobody knows how things could not change. We flowed like a river right beneath October trees.

Aspen Rose I’ll go, I’m sorry that I’m weary, afraid that I have come too far in far too short a time. Aspen Rose your heart’s the slowest burning fire I’ll ever know, it’s time to go, I love you then goodbye.
Track Name: Silver Pen (MQA)
Silver Pen - David Elias

She caught a long train gone, there wasn’t nothing to it. In the red red dawn she just had to do it. Heard that lonesome song and she could sing right through it. She caught a long train gone.

She found a change of heart in the changing light. Whatever made her start could not have been more right. She took her namesake’s part in the dead of night. She found a change of heart.

She found a new hometown and she moved right in. And the freeway sound it didn’t come again. And in some drawer she found another silver pen, in her new hometown. In her new hometown. In her new hometown.
Track Name: Miracles Take Time (MQA)
Miracles Take Time - David Elias

On and on now don’t be late. Silver weights on silver plates. Autumn lingers, can’t escape. Miracles take time.

Sing me now your hands must rest. Your body leans against the fences of its own strength time has tested. Miracles take time.

Tell me now, remind me soon how silk roads wind under the moon. Carry a windless silver tune. Miracles take time.

Lightly now, and none to bear silver words on songs to share. Silent tears your heart has bared. Miracles take time.
Track Name: Juanita (CasualTees rehearsal - MQA)
Juanita - David Elias

Juanita wanders in a state of grace, Brahmin searching for some other kind of place. Whole damn world can’t hold on to the human race. Move on over let me find another space.

Curl up here beneath one young yucca tree. Find your message underneath some shady leaves. Solar sailing set all of our minds at ease. Send your sunset down one other dead end street.

Catalog cannot create no kind of care. Picture perfect but not even really there. Rough it out now said mind’s eye beware. Tough it down now before you beyond repair.

Wake a stranger, you smile instead of call. Strange pretender don’t understand you at all. Return to sender, lie under waterfall. Happier ending, no ending, no engine stall.
Track Name: Hi (San Francisco Great American Music Hall - MQA)
Hi - David Elias

Tell me the reason I feel this way. Is it something I said, or just
what I might say? Am I closing an old book or writing a new? Is it one long hello or just one short adieu?


Blueberry season, the mountains are one. The days are all long we just sit in the sun and talk through the hours, til the pale glimmering. If you lean a bit closer you might hear me sing.


And I won’t look back. I won’t look back. I’ll never go. I’ll never go. I can’t say yes. I can’t say yes. I won’t say no. I won’t say no. All that I need is the eye that can see in my heart.

So go wander away, but don’t linger too long or you may miss the reason you first came along. Tell me your story. Tell me your heart. We won’t share those secrets til well after dark.

Track Name: Help Yourself (Ukelele - MQA)
Help Yourself - David Elias

Morning comes before the sun, I hear that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Reflections smile behind the miles, I hear that song, I better help myself. I better help myself.

Lord you know it comes and goes, I feel that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Ain’t no one knows the lonely lows. When you hear that song you better help yourself. You better help yourself. Help yourself. You better help yourself.

Lord you know it comes and goes, when I feel that song, I better help myself. I better help myself. Ain’t no one shows the lonely lows. When you hear that song you better help yourself.

Help yourself.

Help yourself.