This song featurs the CasualTees quartet. Poor Polly is a story of discontinuities when the path is unknown and the gifts are abundant. Someone I knew interpreted it to be about the writer's (my) search for reconnecting with his Muse. Perhaps so. Venturing away from a pure acoustic setting started for me in the mid-90's as I became good friends and musical brothers with a number of gifted players from the Celtic community in San Francisco. The influence of this music on me at that time was a complete revelation and return to some essential roots spiritually and musically. So along with fiddles and bodhrans, guitars and pipes came some good old fashioned R&B and electric roots rock sessions in the pubs and in our homes. Poor Polly is a derivative of that way of both playing and listening at the same time. Another version of this song appears on the Live in San Gregorio album released with a bigger electric band in the General Store. It has its own outrageous dyanmics and dilemmas.

From audiophile Gary R:
"Love the intro. Mysterious but inviting where an expectant anticipation is created. The ensemble playing is, as always, first rate.your voice is in a higher range which conveys a bit more anguish at being sometimes bewildered by life itself. Settle Down the Questions indeed? Love the riffs between stanzas. To me the song is about not taking the easy way out and giving in to glib and ready answers to life’s most difficult questions and quandaries. One continues the pursuit; the struggle because one must. There is really no other way to be truly human."


Poor Polly – David Elias

Settle down the question now poor Polly
Was it you who rode away or was it you who drowned
Was it Halfway Jim who did you in poor Polly
Or did he sweep you off your feet
And ride to higher ground

Settle down the question now poor Polly
Was there silver in that wedding dress
And diamonds on the ground
Were there three horsemen who knew you well poor Polly
Did they tie you in that chair
And bid you never make a sound

Settle down the question now poor Polly
Did you ride out with your lover straight across the border
Where's the papers that he left behind poor Polly
To vindicate your brother
Identify your daughter

Settle down the question now poor Polly
How many days before we hear your cross chain on the floor
Why waste your time with such small time poor Polly
You could have had most anyone
And struggled never more

Settle down the question now poor Polly
You hunger for the truth as you drink from every stream
Will we ever see your pretty eyes poor Polly
Or do you leave us running endlessly
Right back into your dream


from Slipper Sessions: And The Bit Goes On​.​.​. (MQA DXD Master​)​), track released October 25, 2014
music and lyrics by David Elias
David Elias – acoustic/vocal
Charlie Natzke – semi-hollow electric guitar
Scott Beynon – electric bass
Ken Owen - drums



all rights reserved


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